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Fresh Lumpiang Ubod
In Australia, any dish with “ubod” is considered a millionaire's dish simply because an entire coconut tree is felled just to get to the heart of the palm. It is almost sinful then to create a dish that is not worth its name. Cena Una Fresh Lumpiang Ubod makes you feel like a millionaire!

Lumpiang Tinapa
Stuffing is smoked fish (tinapa) flakes blended to smooth consistency and piped into individual lumpia (crepe) wrappers; deep-fried until golden brown. Dip each in our own Cena Una sauce to complete the marriage of flavors.

Buffalo Wings
The Buffalo Wings Dish was first invented and first served in a restaurant in Buffalo, New York, thus the name. The secret ingredients remain secret to this day, but our version is very close to the original.

Chicken Tender Honey Mustard
Chicken breast is marinated in honey mustard mayonnaise long enough to make it juicy inside but crispy outside after frying.

Gambas Al Ajillo with Foccaccia Bread
A Spanish and South American favorite

Heart of Palm & Apple Salad
The ubod is paired with apple for a mix of crunchiness. This is even recommended to be taken towards the end of the meal just to cleanse the palate and segue to enjoy the dessert.

Take Home Orders
Cena Una also takes pride in offering dishes for take home orders. We are just a phone call away, and we will cook your favorite dishes as you wish. Here are some of the items that our Chefs can prepare: lasagna, pizza, paella, and pasta dishes that are not in our regular menu. Better yet, you can name it and you'll have it!